Love Stories of Oakland Cemetery: Carrie Steele Logan

At Superlux we decided to start a new internal series of projects called Director of the Month. The purpose was to give everyone in the office a chance to create an original piece of content that is different than our usual work. For my project I decided to approach Oakland Cemetery, I asked them if we could make a teaser video based on one of their residents. They loved the idea and we decided to base our story on Carrie Steele Logan. She was one of the residents featured on their Mother’s Day tour. Ms Logan founded the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home in Atlanta, recognized as the oldest predominantly black orphanage in Georgia, and possibly the oldest organization of its type in the country. This orphanage is still operating today and has been for over 100 years. Ms Logan has been nicknamed The Mother of Orphans. Enjoy!

Client: Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta

Work completed at Superlux